What we do

We are a small company that has specialized in making medals and awards out of the most fantastic material we have, wood.

The feeling you get from working with a material that is alive and has a history, is fantastic. Every bit of wood is special and has its own character. Which makes every medal unique. By creating in wood, you can do things that you can’t do with “regular” medals made out of metal. We can design and convey the feeling from the race in a whole new way.

When we make your medal we look at your race and the vision you have for it. We do not have any standard medals!

Why wooden medals

Too many races pay a lot of money for boring medals that will end up in a box when they get home and then forgotten.

A medal is more important than you think. For the runner it’s a receipt that all the early mornings and late evenings, when you have laced up and crawled out the door, has paid off.

For the race organizer it’s a reward to the runner that they have done a great achievement. But even more important, it is the cheapest billboard you can have. If you are going to give them something, give them something that they want to see every day! If you give them a unique and great looking medal, it will not end up hidden in a box, it will end up on the wall and will remind them of your race and long for next years race so they can do a little better and get that awesome feeling again.

That’s why a beautiful and unique medal is of greatest advertising and reward value for you.

Why us

Our love and passion for the sport in combination with our experience in woodworking and design, makes us to a natural partner when it comes to medals and awards.

  • Each wooden item is locally made and designed. Therefore, very short process times if something needs to be changed or added.
  • Every piece of hardwood is locally cut and finished. We only choose the best pieces for what will be your awards.

Raw Cut Studio is a small company with a big heart and dedication.